Convert your Jumbuck BBQ to Natural Gas

Some Jumbuck barbecues are approved for conversion to Natural Gas.

The following steps are required to confirm and complete the conversion:

  • Firstly, you need to find a licensed gas fitter or gas plumber to do the conversion and to confirm the appliance will work efficiently with the current gas supply to your household in accordance with installation Code AS/NZS5601.
  • Contact Pacific Gas & Heating Pty Ltd directly on 1300 793 978 or email [email protected] to order the gas conversion kit specific to your product model.
  • Pacific Gas & Heating Pty Ltd will require the following information to order your conversion kit:
  • Plumber’s business name
  • Licence number
  • Product model name and number
  • Pacific Gas & Heating Pty Ltd can supply a full conversion kit including hose, regular and injectors. This will be sent to either the store or directly to you.
  • Upon completion of the conversion, the gas fitter or gas plumber is LEGALLY required to issue a Compliance Certificate.
  • DO NOT attempt to complete the conversion yourself.
  • Failure to comply with these requirements and Installation Code AS/NZS5601 will automatically void the Warranty for this product.